Help! Why is this happening?

My motor is just twitching, im not sure why!! I will plug it in one way and it will spin but seemingly slow, then ill plug it in again it and will just squeak and twitch… Is this due to bad connections? Reading at 38.7v

Nobody knows what you’re talking about. USE SEARCH FUNCTION before creating a thread, especially one that provides no useful information for anybody to help you

Edit: I didn’t mean to lash out like that, but these kind of posts are frustrating

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Sorry, I have looked the subject up, but found nothing describing what is happening with mine. I tried to post a video but I have to convert the file type. Would it be helpful to post that? Or is there a more effective way to search to get the results I need?

hey man, pics of your settings in bldc… have you tried changing phase cable combination, ppm adjustment?

What you would need to include in your post/search to get the help you need is details. Quality in, quality out! What esc, motor, batteries, etc. The more information you provide the more likely you’ll find the answer that you’re looking for

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Have you performed motor detection?


Using, Turnigy sk3 6374 192kv, diy electric skateboard VESC, and 5x 2s 5200mah zippy 30c series batteries. Update- I resoltered my vesc leads (to motor) and gained a lot of speed on the motors rpm, but still have the twitching. It is as if it does not have enough power to get the motor going. I will be redoing my motor wires tomorrow. Im guessing it was due to cold soldering joints.

No… what exactly is this?

Ive messed with the cable combination, doesnt seem to do much. I still need to program via BLDC, where can I find ideal setting for certain battery setups?

When connecting a new motor you need to follow a Procedure called motor detection. There are a lot of threads explaining how to do it, do not even think about trying to spin your motor without doing that or you will fry the vesc.


Will do this right now! Thanks for the heads up!

What @Eboosted said. In order to avoid destroying your ESC, I would recommend a significant amount of research on proper setup for the vesc programming. Take your time, check and double-check that everything is ready before you start your motor detection. It is very important that all of your data is put in correctly, and that your motor is mounted with nothing attached and can spin freely. I ruined my first FOCBOX in this process because I did not know at the little circlip at the base of the motor shaft was contacting the motor mount. Ran detection, and instantly "drv overcurrent fault " $150 out the window. Live and learn lol

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For sure XD. Thanks for the patience. My VESC says v4.12, however BLDC is saying the firmware is “too old”, where to I go to update?

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Good luck!

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These at very basic questions, you need to read the forum more time, I’d suggest you stop doing what you are doing right now and start over when you have no more questions or doubts


does it move normally when you are rolling and press the throttle?

Have not used it under load because I don’t want to risk damaging anything, however if I spin it slightly then give it throttle without load it will spin as normal.

and you are running sensorless?

if so thats normal

Hey man, I appreciate you being blunt with me, I have stopped everything I am doing and have just been researching a lot, but still am having trouble figuring a few things out. Do you have any good links to videos/pages that explain a pretty much step by step? My main issue is that all the videos I have seen have been on the BLDC tool, which supports firmware 2.17 and 2.18 (at least the versions I have found). My VESC is saying it has firmware 3.38 on thr VESC tool? Apparently the VESC has a bootloader, but when I try to upload the “VESC_default” file, I get a buffer erase timeout. At this point I am pretty stuck.