Help with 6 inch wheel AT build?

Hi everyone.

I am building a new board with 6 inch wheels. I have 2x 63mm motors i would like to use.

my problem is what deck and trucks i should use.

The best option for me is to buy tourqe boards 218mm trucks and then a regular longboard deck.

But they are not placed in EU so its expensive to buy

Any suggestions?

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You may something of interest from trampa. However, they`re pretty expensive

Yes that is mostly my problem.

Take a look at these, they`re not very expensive

Its not so expensive but still twice as expensive as theese.

So why dont you buy the MBS then?

Another one, even cheaper. 50 Pounds for a set of two!

The problem with these wide trucks is that i think i need a special deck. I would love to be able to use a normal deck

You`ll only need a 15 degree angle with the trampa ones. You can buy these some places, or make your own easily

Im good at 3d design and have multiple 3d printers so spacers and angles are not a problem. What kind of board shape do you think works best with 6 inch tires and wide trucks

Most should work okay. So its more up to you

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if it was really meant as an answer, than to ahead and leave it. I interpreted it as you trying to get advice for a separate build.

I personally love Rayne decks, they’re light, come with a good logo, and have some sick concaves.

If you think you’d like a top mounted deck with a micro drop, check out the Supreme. It should be plenty large for an eboard.

Also caliber II 50 degree trucks are my goto

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I have still not found the perfect trucks for the board. I would really like something like the Evolve trucks just cheaper.

I can sell those for 20GBP :wink: New almost identical as those cheapest TRAMPA.

Won’t those round trucks be harder to clamp a motor mount onto?

that is why i dont like them

I’d check with @psychotiller and see if the RIPBA mounts will fit. They fit Paris 195’s without too much trouble, could even make them fit MBS ATS 12 hangers.