Help with a DIY electric skateboard build!//ASAP//single drive

OK, so before anyone asks, I do have this exact same post on endless sphere, but it is getting no replies so I decided to try this forum :slight_smile:

HI, I’m going to be honest, looking back at my older posts, ugh cringe… so I will be trying of add a lot more detail in this here post :slight_smile: So to start off (from my last two posts) I did not get the battery, and I did not buy a kit, in fact I Wasn’t even really into skateboarding very much when I posted those last two forums. Now I have been long boarding for over a year, and cant wait to start boarding again (after the snow fully goes away). and I actually have a project coming up where we will be required to build something, and I Was wanting to do a electric long board. and after I did some research I came up with a google spreadsheet with all of the parts, prices, and links to them. I just need to make sure if I missed anything (besides deck, wheels, etc.) and if I need to get any additional wiring or connectors. IF anybody wants to spend the time to find/make a diagram for a electric long board, that would help a ton! Also, I have almost no electrical knowledge, so what would a voltage checker do exactly, would it tell me (if translated) what speed i’m going, or what my battery is at (if converted) and If so how would I make it display my preferred units (km/h / 100%). One thing that I really wanted on this board, was a easy way to charge, instead of going into the board and charging the Lipos that way, I just wanted to get a charging port, how would I do that? Once again thank you for spending your time to help me :slight_smile:


*Just as a FYI I have the Globe Spearpoint Bamboo Red 40" longboard complete used, this is the deck that I want to do the build on. I do think that I have everything required to build the board on my spreadsheet, if not would you be able to update me with part names :slight_smile: and one last thing, I was talking with a live chat guy from and he said to add a switch I would need to sauter a switch to the cables connecting the battery to the ESC, if that is the case I think im just going to make the switch modular and attach plugs to the switch, then connect the two other wires, would that work?

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Uh the link isn’t working for me at the moment. Also in terms of one plug charging the adaptor from Miami boards should work as long as you already have a balance charger which it seems like you do. A BMS and a laptop style charger would also work though it is a little more complicated. I believe that your modular switch idea would work, though you run the risk of it coming detached when you are riding due to vibrations though that isn’t very likely. The simplest solution for an antispark switch IMO is just an XT90-S loop key which is what I use and it works great. A voltage checker would only display the volts left in your battery not speed, and depending on which one you get it would display it as simply volts or a %.

Thanks for the quick reply :D, I actually wrote down the wrong thing about the speedometer, I meant a volt metre but displaying in %, I guess I forgot to update :joy: I shall update my spreadsheet link, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

Ok one other thing I see is I would not go with the nano remote as it has a bad reputation for dropping out so I would reccoment the mini trigger style remote from @JLabs (I recommended from him because he has the lowest price on it) or a modded GT2B. If your heart is set on a thumb style remote then the Nano-X or Benchwheel should work but those are a little more expensive.

I was actually looking at the nano-x, but I heard it was having some connection issues, its not that much more ex0ensive so it shouldnt hurt the budget much. Thanks for ghe heads up. Yeah im dead set on a thumb style controller due to its portability and size :slight_smile:

Sounds good, though the mini remote is a trigger style and quite small and portable.

Lol just bought the enertion, was on sale for about $80 so cant complain, will be getting it around when I start my project as well :slight_smile:

Sounds good, have fun!

Thanks, but I still have to wrap my head around the electonics… Gonna have a lot of fun with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was in the same boat, I spent a few minutes on day to make some diagrams in google and ran them by people on the forum, if It helps here are my diagrams.

This is my diagram for my voltage meter

This one is for my current charging solution, I will be switching to the adaptor I mentioned very soon though.

This is the same diagram but a little more accurate in terms of connectors, the big mass of connectors is just a parallel splitter type connector.

Holy shit that diagram is amazing, really has helped me under the wiring a ton, thanks!!

No problem, glad I could help, only comment I have is that the charging solution I have right now charges the batteries separately which I have to do because I do not have an 8s compatible charger. Since you are going 6s, the easiest way would be to charge the batteries together as one big 6s battery. If you want I can draw you up a digram for how to do that as well.

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If you could spare the time that would be fantastic!

Sure, I will include the adaptor I mentioned previously as your one plug charging.

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Just noticed that the adaptor that you linked me only ships within the US. Im in canada… Do you know anywhere else I can get a similar cable?

Hmmm I wasn’t aware of that, maybe you could work something out with @oriol360. I know there is a tutorial somewhere but I am not sure where it is. If you can’t get that one the easiest solution IMO is just to have both the balance extension and the Discharge plug on the outside and make some covers for them. Then you will just need some extenders from your charger. Its what I am doing currently and works well.

Yeah, ill use some of my negotiating skills… if not I guess ill have to do it the regular way :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good lol, I will probably have that diagram for you tomorrow.

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YOU ARE A GOD!! Thank you so much for the help :slight_smile:

Just a question, would I be able to get a cable that would merge the two balance ports and the two output ports in order to make just two cables (instead of 4) and charge both at the same time?