Help with batteries

Hi, I could get a couple of graphene 4s 10000mah 15c for a good price (80€ both). Then I would add a multistar 4s 10000mah 12c. I want 12s 10000mah for my motors, dual motors, 70kv, 80A max. and sensored. And dual fsesc 4.20 from flipsky. My question is if this graphene baterries with only 15c are enough for my motors or i need other batteries. Is my first diy and I’m a little lost in the batteries. Thanks for yous anwers. Regards.

only ever use the same batteries in series and parallel. if you want to use the multistar you can use it in a range extender which plugs into your charging port. you then however need one of these: jpg_1538101931103 so basically use 3x4s graphenes in series and you’ll have 12s :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly what he said. Use 3 graphenes, multistar are not very good

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Okey, thanks you for replies. I will use 3 graphene. But then this graphenes model is good for my goals? Or there aren’t enought amp? Regards.