Help with battery in first build

Hi, I’m doing my first build. I’m looking for buy a battery pack. I will use a direct drive 70kv motors (metasurf). I want to get top speed about 45-50km/h. Bodyweight 78kg. Wheels a will use a slic revolution 110mm (priority) or mbs 100mm.

My question is if i need a 10s o 12s battery. I will use a 10s4p or 12s4p samsung 30q pack. I ask this because is much more expensive a pack with dual 12s4p + dual vesc 6.6 than a 10s4p + dual vesc 4.20 or 4.12 pack. If a can get a fast speed with 10s4p and vesc4.20 I’m going to get it.

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what size wheels are you going to use first of all?

Sorry, wheels are a 110mm slick revolution.

Hi, Some opinion? Thanks very much Regards.

Honestly, 8ve sort if changed my opinion on packs. I get significantly more miles out if a 12s4p than I dtom a 10s4p. The only reason I’d build a 10s pack at this point is because of size contraints.

Thanks you for your opinion. My reason for use a 10s4p isn’t the size. Is the expensive price for 12s4p + dual vesc 6.6, there is a lot of price difference at with 10s4p + dual vesc 4.20. I only need about 45/50km top speed and low-medium torque.

12s works fine with focboxes though. You don’t necessarily need a 6.6 variant.

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I would advice against the slick revolution wheels people have not had great experiences with them, they seem to be very hard.

The mbs though create some vibration at the start due to thread pattern but that goes away after about 50km. They can also be shaved for a smooth surface