Help with battery setup plz

image I’ve finished the first step of making the parallel packs and I’m onto the stage of connecting them in series, I’m just curious as to if the nickel strip I’m using will be able to withstand the current. I’m using this nickel strip rated at 40 amps image the plan is to use just one strip per pack to connect in series although I’m not sure if that is correct. I’ve seen it done with just 10mm wide strip and it seems okay so I’m hoping it will be fine.

I honestly do not know much about building cell packs, but I DO know you can spot weld multiple nickel strips OVER eachother to increase their ability to flow energy :slight_smile: It’s like adding a road over an existing road so the electricity can flow twice as fast! (Given your cells are up to the task)

Someone explains it well here!

1 nickel strip cannot handle 40 amps. It’s recommend to use 1 nickel strip per parallel connection. That means you should use 3 nickel strips for the series connections. Remember to use fish paper between your parallel packs so they don’t rub against each other and short. Remember that you will need to up the pulse time on your welder when welding nickel to nickel. If you have any questions just ask :slight_smile:

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Ive soldered wire to the strips before welding then to the Battery.

Your missing fishpaper


you’re* :blue_heart: 10char

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