Help with BMS connections! C- (charging) B- (battery negative) & b-?

I’m trying to bypass my BMS for discharge & only use it for charging. I have a BMS with only 3 connections and they are labelled C- B- & b- (yes I am positive it’s b- not P-) but I cannot find any info anywhere for a b- connection. A little further info: The battery pack is a 10s2p pack with a 10s BMS. The pack is currently reading 38.55v from the main battery connections but it only reads 1.738v from the positive battery connection to the b- terminal spot so I don’t think the b- connection is the discharge connection as I’ve seen the P- is for. Currently, there is not any wire soldered to the b- connection. If anyone can possibly tell me what the b- connection is for and/or how to bypass this BMS for discharge I’d be very grateful. Thank you in advance for your time and attention.