Help with BMS (Not charging)

I recently starting wiring my electric skateboard and this is my third so im not new to the concept of wiring a bms, I wired 5 2s 5AH lipos in series, connected all balance wire to connector and checked with multimeter and all cells were balanced and in ordered. I wired the battery negeative to the B- and the C- to the negative charge port and the positive of the battery to the positive of the charge port. When I plugged it in to charge it went red and charged for 5 mins before going green despite not being near fully charged then a few hours later it started working again but for some weird reason if I toughed the heatsink (which I have currently taken off to inspect the bms) the charger would go green then when I take my hand off it would go red again and recently it is just staying green. Please help me find the issue as this is very frustrating, Kind regards, Adam

Here are some pics: IMG_0441 IMG_0442 IMG_0444 IMG_0443