Help with bms wall adapter for 8s

Hey guys I recently finished my #1 ever board so far I’m really happy with it.I love how everyone looks at me while I zoom past them.But back to my question: I have found this BMS: But I’m not sure about what voltage the power adapter that plugs in to the mains power should be. I reckon 33,6 Volts since that is the max voltage of my 8 x 4,2 =33,6V but I wouldn’t want to risk buying a power adapter that is not compatible. Thanks in advance for your help

Hey I just looked at that and you would charge at 33.6v. The only thing I am concerned about is that it says that the over charge voltage is 4.28 per cell which will stuff your batteries. It might work if you just supply 33.6v because then the voltage shouldn’t rise over 4.2v per cell but one cell could be higher than another. I am not very experienced with a bms so you should get someone else to check. I am also wondering if it is possible to just plug in a lower voltage pack like 6s and see if it will still work normally

I would go for the 33,6 volt charger too since unless the BMS has an integrated buck boost converter the maximum voltage should be 4,2 v per cell. The only thing that is holding me back from buying a 33,6volt adapter is the fact that I only seem to find them in 2A variant while you can find many 36volt adapters with 4A so the charging time should be almost half!!