Help with build please, have some parts, ordered others, need to fill in my gaps

so far I have a pile of parts:

  • 2x Maytech 6396 190kv
  • 1x Flipsky 6384 190kv
  • 1x FSESC 6.6 Dual mini
  • 1x FSESC 6.6 plus dual mini (side 1 broken)
  • BN220 trucks + Baseplate
  • Maytech v2 trigger remote
  • 2x 10S2P Samsung 35E packs with a parallel connector (36V 14Ah 16A per pack, 32A total)
  • hella belts
  • Evolve GTR parts (no deck)

I have ordered and on the way:

  • BN270 hangars and dual M1 gear drives
  • Flipsky VX3 remote

the hard part for me is the deck, enclosure and battery. I really don’t want to build a vacuum former and learn to use it well and my 3D printers aren’t big enough for enclosures. I can get custom battery packs made and I have 60 Samsung 50E cells (10A 5Ah) I can bring to a battery builder guy. I’ve tried spot welding and I’d rather leave that to someone else. I could always get an AliExpress battery but they can be really hit and miss on value.

how do you guys match up a battery, enclosure and deck without buying all 3 from one manufacterer? I’m really trying to not have one of the “presets” that all Ali companies seem to do which is 12S2P or 12S3P and then 10S2-4P. I want 12S5P which is why I got 60 fat cells, but it seems nobody makes an enclosure for that sort of build.

oh, and I like boards with some flex and pop. seems like I’m rare in that desire. I might have to settle for a stiff board.

I plan on running a rotation of TB110 thanes, 150x50mm street pneumatics and 200x50mm AT tires.

tl;dr: batteries, enclosures, decks, where do I get them for a good price and compatible with eachother?


There are some people who make custom enclosures. @onloop can you summ them up?

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I’ve seen a few of the enclosures like eboosted and psychotiller, but for all of the flexible options they’re very restrictive in which cells they fit and what configs. I can’t seem to find a flex enclosure that fits the 10S5P 21700 pack I want to put in it and also fits on one of the many decks I have at my disposal.

what decks do you have?

I would advise you to get a deck asap. This will set a lot of your parameters. The deck will determine battery size, how big enclosure you go for and how the trucks will work with it. You might find a flexible or rigid board might not work with your trucks you want to buy.

I have access to almost anything Landyachtz for free, there’s a factory in my area and those boards flow like water. I also have a Loaded Vanguard and the deck/trucks from the SYL-08 AliEpress board (not the motor mount trucks) it’s that one with the fire lion graphic, the MTB style deck. @d-kay

I have decks, my problem is matching an enclosure to them. the decks I have are aparently none of the decks people make enclosures for.

additionally, lots of my decks are unmarked, I know the brand but beyond that I don’t know which models they are without comparing the shape to every board they’ve made in the last 5 years. i just finished my build with a 10s5p 21700 samsung ,a focbox unity and a hoyt st puck,you can customize any enclosure for a cost. (I had to build a custom gasket cuz i did not customize it but it ended up beeing awesome anyway)

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