Help With DIY Build (Motor & ESC)

Hi everyone

Another Kiwi here with pretty much no esk8 stuff in our country.

I am Just getting my first ESK8 project planned out and need some help with motor and some other components. I have built rc stuff since I was about 12, slope soarers, helicopters, drones etc. So i’m no stranger to DIY work.

It will be a 10s 4p custom battery on 30q’s with a single belt drive 6374 190kv

Deck: Custom built and vacuum pressed 8 layer maple 100cm

Trucks: Caliber II 50 degree 10" (purple)

Wheels: Flywheel 87mm (purple)

Motor: Looking at multiple and could really use some advice on what is the best price vs performance. also best suited pulley system for 87mm wheels.

ESC vs VESC: This is one of the parts that I really want to get right and would love some help! again best price vs preformance. Would also love to get something that covers a few bases simultaneously, like a pack with ESC, Receiver and remote. Also a power switch and battery indicator.

Battery: 10s5p 30Q cells I can build this easy enough but need some advice or a plan for a PDB and cahrging system.

Anyone who helps out is a legend and I’ll appreciate any advice I can get at this stage.

Get a flipsky 4.12 single or 6.6 single or maker-x ESC Remote: nano V2, mini 2.4hgz, Hoyt puck. Motor: sk3 6374, maytech 6374 Check @dickyho for pulleys. Check Make sure the pulleys you choose have enough teeth in mesh, 6 at least. Calculator: https://calc./#/0

Hope it helps

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Thanks for such a quick reply man.

That maker x is rad af, so sleek might add another veneer to my deck and recess it in with the router.

Had my eye on the Nano V2 already and think its a good call.

Think I’ll go for the SK3 over the Maytech from what I’ve read they’re a bit more reliable. (could be wrong)

What kind of speed, range and torque do you think I’ll get with this build? 10s5p maybe a bit bigger than what I really need?

50cells is plenty. 12wh/km will give you 40km. 3x3.6x50=540wh Maytech are made for esk8 with key, longer shaft, sensors, silicone wires. Sk3 don’t have any of that.

okay well that was one line to convince me the maytech is a better choice haha.

Also consider vesc6, it’s the best quality.

Just had a look and think its way out of my price range :frowning:

hey man got a bit further with the plan.

Maytech 6374 190kv Maker X esc Caliber 2 trucks 90mm flywheels 10s4p custom battery 15/36 pulley system.

Just need to suss my battery plan and pdb. what do you think of this set up?

I think it’s going to be great setup

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Hey I need some advice on which pulley system will work for me I got the 85mm Orangatang Caguamas.

Also a motor mount for my Caliber II’s would be appreciated as the ones i’ve seen have really bad reviews.