Help with esc and batteries

Hi guys I’m new this site by the way .I am building my first e board.I have done the driveline 15-40 tooth. Htd 5m 83mm wheels. I have a sk 6364 230kv motor the old black one. It’s all mounted but I’m not sure what to use to get it going.I live in nz so it’s hard to find most things I need easily with out huge shipping costs. The motor came with a 100a 7s hobbyking esc ubec ss series. Basically looks the same as red brick esc. Should I try use this to see how it goes or just look for something better. Also the batteries I can get in 3s are mainly only 2200mah with 20 c.would 2 in series be enough for my motor or would I need 4 batteries in 2 series 2 parallel to make 4400 6s 22.2v .I only really need the board to do 5km max there and back between where I park my car and where I work. Thanks in advance to any replys.

You could use that esc to test it out and see how it goes just make sure to check it so it doesn’t get to hot. The brakes and acceleration my also be a bit touchy but that might just be my experience with heli esc. I would go for the second option with the batteries 6s 2p with those packs will get you about 9kms range. Good luck with your build. Also shipping costs from nkon to Nz is quite cheap so maybe look at buying li ion batteries from them

Cool thanks yeah IL give the esc a go cos it came free with the motor. Factory setting shows no brakes so may have to try find a program card.i will use the gt2b controller as that seems really popular Will probably use the lunchbox style undertray. I might try find a single 6s lipo as I think trying to charge and wire 4 batterys up could add a bit of hastle and time to connect and disconnect. Might look at a bms and 18650 pack in the future so I can charge it up easy with no dissasembly. Cheers can’t wait to get this going .sucks riding it with the motor and pullys belt connected and no electrics.has a bit of drag now lol.