Help with first 12s build please!?

hi all, wanting to run 2 6s batteries have done a lot of research, wanting to know if this charging diagram will damage the vesc at all seeings it doesn’t really disconnect? also any help on where to find a 12s voltmeter? current build specs are: 2x 5500mah 6s 70c screamin batteries 192kv 6374 sk3 vesc nano remote calibre 44’s 90mm flywheels prism origin deck torqueboards mount and pulley system 13t or 16t motor / 36t wheel

any vesc settings will also be greatly appreciated :beer:

Yes that should work. Do you have to 6s chargers? Also check with someone more experienced just to make sure

Sky Rc duo charger

With 36-16 gearing, your top speed(unweighted) would almost be 40 mph according to this:{“batt-type-lipo”:1,“batt-cells”:12,“motor-kv”:192,“system-efficiency”:85,“motor-pulley-teeth”:16,“wheel-pulley-teeth”:36,“wheel-size”:90}|

with the 90mm wheels - i’d suggest the 13/40 gears to keep speeds more reasonable. Will help with acceleration and hills too.

Looks like a solid plan! GL!

Board is running good and is scary fast, can anyone help me as I want to wire in a voltmeter and headlights to my boards, my question would be can you wire in a 6s BEC to a 12s system? Also if anyone has anything on me being able to charge both batteries at the same time using a duo charger without damaging vest if it’s still connected to one positive and one negative between 2 batteries

No. You need a BEC that can handle 12s/50.4v - and i’d look for 12v out if you want LED lighting. Or 5v and look for 5v LEDs. The brighter and inexpensive LEDs are typically 12v.

Also No on the charger - unless you disconnect them from being in series and charge each on it’s own channel as 6s.

You can look at the Thunderpower 1220:

I have one and it works fine, but nothing special except it’ll charge to 12s.