HELP with first build with an EVO deck & dual 6374's

Hi Guys!

I’m new here and I’m planning on buying Torque Boards PRO3 Conversion kit. It has basically everything you’d need to do an eskate conversion. It comes with 218mm to accommodate 2 6374 motors. It has basically the same specs as this guys post that I linked.

I’d like to put it on a Landyachtz EVO deck but with the motors facing inwards. How would I go about doing that? Risers? I saw a build on here where a guy was using the same Torque Boards motors I would be and I believe the same 218mm trucks.


Also he listed it weighing a little over 30lbs…does that sound right? Anyway please give me some feedback!

image image image Streetwing mounts and 12mm risers. 97mm abec 11s.



How? lol.

What enclosure are you using? I was going to use Torque Boards enclosure since it comes with the kit. The post I linked the guy is using the TB enclosure but it’s double din so it sits a bit low to the ground. I would like to use it but I don’t know how to get around clearance issues. It’s a 12S4P battery. From some other posts it seems your is 10S5P?

So you’re not using TB mounts?

How much does it weight?

Do you use 6374’s?

Yep it’s 10s5p single stack with a big bms. I made this enclosure. (I make enclosures!) From memory it’s about 11kg? Yes dual 6374s

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Got it! That’s awesome, it does seem super well fitted. That’s actually not bad at all.

So is all I need to do this just risers to make the motors fit and for that matter raiser the battery pack/enclosure for clearance?

image image

Clearance looks good. That thing must be so quick lol.

What motor mount is that?

I can 100% confirm that’s he’s 300+ lbs @Battosaii lol & yes @ that weight that board haul ass with him on it… in fact he one of the fasted ridiers during group rides lol…


Do you think you can make a custom enclosure that would accommodate the 12s4p battery that torqueboards makes? So that it would work with the LCD indicator and power switch, charging port.

@Rod12579 Haha wow. 300lbs gosh. I weight 130lbs lol.

That is a Street Wing motor mount:



It looks like the guy used @JLabs mounts

What are the dims of that pack?