Help with Focbox Unity setup

Hello My build is finally coming together, I was after a bit of advice with the focbox unity setup if anyone can help please.

My wiring setup is below with dual 6374 192KV motors and 12S2P


Using ZIPPY Compact 6200mAh 6s 40c Lipo Pack W/ XT90

Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor (14P)

I need to put the following settings into the app but I’m not sure of the correct answers. Could you please provide me with some insight.

Max battery discharge current:

Max breaking regen current:

Max motor current:

Max break current:

Thanks in advance

w0w, You haven’t got any response. I’m going to set up the focbox unity today.

How do you finally set up it, please?

Always try it with default values, then use an ESK8 calculator to make the performance better.