Help with Motor Pulley and Motor not fitting (Torqueboards Motor) (Fixed - User Error!)

Hi there, I purchased a kit from DIYelectricskateboard. And putting it together my pulley wont fit on my motor because the little metal peice is too tight. Is there anything I can do? How does this not work out of the box I kinda thought I was buying a kit that didn’t require much besides your basic home tools. Can I just purchase the correct size?

Any help would be great

It should fit together. 8mm shaft and 8mm bore from the pulley. If it’s only a bit, file it out a bit or try to heat up only the pulley till it slides on

welp I tried to force it in there and now it’s pretty much jammed :expressionless:

I hope TB would give me a replacement… seems like it really should fit, the other motor I ordered had the pulley fit like a glove. Maybe a manufacturing issue?

Upload a picture that we see how it looks now. But can be a tolerance yes.

When you say “little metal Piece” are you talking about the key way? The small piece that goes on the motor shaft? If so yeah there is a bit of modification you would have to do… you would just have save it down a bit to fit the shaft flush…

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As you can see, it’s all dinged up from me trying to take it off. Now I’m a bit worried I won’t be able to get a replacement… I don’t mind covering shipping but having to buy a whole new motor is gonna suck if this isn’t really my fault :confused:


Damn I had no idea, the other one fit in perfectly without any sanding

Did you back out the grub screws before trying to install

I don’t think you need a replacement, yeah it’s dinged up but not to the point of needing a new one… to prevent further damage I would suggest getting a puller to remove these things as I have really damaged plenty trying to manually remove them…

I installed them with no grub screws in at all

Do you use this tool nowadays? It would work even if it’s that jammed? I see this kind of operates like a wine-opener seems interesting

Yes I do use it whenever I’m removing the motor pulley…

Why do you need to remove it?

  1. If the keyway does not fit perfectly you need to sand it down with a sandpaper until it fits perfect, that’s not @torqueboards fault

  2. I personally don’t use keyways, precisely because of your issue and several bad night sleeps because of a damn grub screw getting stuck on a motor pulley.

  3. Use this method to install your pullies, you will never look back


It’s not seated in all the way properly, it’s stuck halfway. It seems I would need to remove it and sand the pulley so it fits better

Well what you can do… if you have a small socket wrench set… place a socket that’s slightly larger than the shaft and slightly hammer it down until you get the proper fitting…

I could def do that, but I’m a bit worried about it being un-removable then.

what @Eboosted said, you have to custom fit keyways, that’s talked about alot on here and in @torqueboards installation videos. I also don’t use keyways, other than MTB builds for the specific issues you are having now. Green Loctite FTW.

You will either need to get a pulley removal tool, like a windshield wiper remover or something similar or cut it off and get another pulley. As far as the dings, it’s no worse right now than it will be after 15 mins of riding. Motors and wheels never stay looking pretty for long.

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Here’s a tutorial that should help. You just need to file it down so it isn’t 100% tight. If you force it, it will most likely get stuck.

To try and remove it.

  • Try prying it with a big screwdriver. Use a towel/piece of rubber to press against the motor mount without damaging it.
  • You can also try and add oil.
  • You can try to press the keyway down and pull/push the motor pulley out.

Typically, it will always come off it just takes some work or you may have to damage your motor pulley to pull it out. If you damage the motor pulley, send our team an email and we’ll send you a replacement.

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Use @Eboosted heat method and a gear puller 3 inch to limit damage. It will come off.

As mentioned above, You will sand the key way down and make a good fit. I use key way and grub screws, not sure exactly why others don’t use the key way or grub screws, what else would you use?

@queue_together as you became more experineced rider you may see your self buying several different size pullies.