Help with my 'dead' ESC : FVT dual 12S 120A

Hi all,

I have some troubles with my FVT dual ESC.

Since I have updated the ESC with the firmware found here (HighVol120A_SkateBoare_161122_portCar150728_best.hgm), the ESC shut off immediatly if I brake too hard (need off/on switch to recover) . So I tried to update another firmware : SkateBrard120A_160406.hgm (given by Coco Zhang from FVT). Now my ESC does not work and is not recognized by the software …

Maybe this firmware is for FVT 6S ESC ? Do you know if the 6S and 12S dual firmware are compatible ? Do you know how I can ‘unbrick’ my ESC?

Have a nice day all !

It is not compatible

If you have dual FVT then you need to have a special firmware

Unfortunately I can not help you. You will need to ask Favorite Electronics for the firmware

I think there is a thread about it somewhere

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