Help with my first board

Hey guys quick question I am building an eskate and its almost done i just need to buy the vesc and transmitter so here come the question which route should i go ? Maytech or 2.4 GHz or nunchuck Keep in mind that i am not trying to get a vesc that wil burn up but i also preferì not spending 170€ plus another 40-60€ for the controller My setup is a 290kv g160 2,7kW turnigy motor Two 20c 4s 5,2 Ah multistar batteries in series (8s) Im already 500 € in this mainly because of the dutys and importante taxes which are a good 200€ here of that 500€ total If a cheap but reliable option is available i would prefer it :sweat_smile: Thanks in advance Philip Rossetti

I recieved my maytech one from aliexpress today and its been fine so far. Ive been pushing it a lot and nothing bad has happened so far, touch wood. If you dont have loads to spend go with the maytech one as they said to me if anything ever breaks just send it back and they will fix for free except i have to pay for shipping which is £16 so not to bad.

So… sorry to break it to ya but budgets tend to get smashed on this forum. For 8s, you’ll need a 245 kv motor max. 290 might work but there’ll be no torque and it could possibly overheat. Multi star batteries have a bad reputation, if you want something that’ll last I would recommend a custom battery from @barajabali. Best controller is the mini 2.4ghz trigger from PolarBoards. That one’s only 30$. Maytech has mixed reviews, ollin or are your best options for a vesc.


What is your setup ?

6s battery and 320kv motor

How much top speed Is that ?

I get about 28mph with my gear ration

Woah that’s impressive