Help with my first broken VESC

been riding my trampa with VESCs for over a year. and today i just broke one of my VESCs. but not because of the usual problems. was out riding today and suddenly my board stopped responding. so i checked everything, and found the problem, my mini remote reciever died. i don’t know how it happened but there’s no light on it and the board wouldn’t respond. i don’t think i’ve seen this happen to anyone else here on the forum. can you even buy just the receiver and bind it with the one that you already have? so, had to call someone to pick me up coz i’m about 4 miles away from home and pushing or carrying an EMTB would not be fun. so got home, got my spare gt2b got it connected, so i figured i needed to adjust the throttle in BLDC tool, so i connected my board to the computer. this is where i made my biggest mistake, i didn’t pick up my board, i left it on the floor while i have it connected to the computer. so when i tried to adjust the throttle. off goes my board, the usb port got ripped off from the vesc.

Can i still use my VESC without the usb port?

Where do i buy a mini remote receiver?


Can you reattach the USB port? pics? …and sorry! rotten luck!