Help with my first build. A great start (I guess?)

Hi my name is Lloyd and I want a good electric skateboard for a great price.

I have researched a little bit right now. Started with looking at the Boosted Board then Evolve and finally to Enertion. Unfortunatelly the Enertion board is too expensive and only buying parts from Australia isn’t in my budget because of taxes. I started looking for european options and came by Alien Drive Systems in the UK (so no taxes to The Netherlands) and the reviews weren’t great but also not bad. So I wanted to buy some parts from Alien Drive Systems and some parts from Enertion because I like how Jason runs his company and want to support him but I just can’t buy everything. I only know the basis, so that’s why I started this topic, to ask your opinions and maybe answer some questions.

I want to use my board for just cruising around, no big hills here but I like to go fast. I am a big guy, around 230lbs, so it needs to have some power and I want to get atleast 12 miles or 20km on one single charge. I was thinking about €800 for everything.

I hope you guys can give me some advice and give me tips about compatibility.

The Parts: Board (€74.98) Is this a good board or maybe to much flex?

Vesc (€88.15) The vesc from enertion, I hope it will skip through dutch customs but is it compatible with the motor from Alien? I heard great things about it and they say its better than the one from alien. Or shall i buy the one from ? it’s almost twice as expensive so i don’t think it is worth it.

Battery (€311.25) Again Enertion. Why this battery? because it is nice packed and I heard good things about it. It is compatible with the motors right?

Drive System (€116.19)

I saw this and I think its a good deal. I’m not sure if the motor pulley and belt are included but is sent them an email.

Motor (€76.76)

I don’t know what motor I need. There is so much choose and I don’t know what to choose for me. It’s 63mm and I think it has enough KV(170) and 3200Watt but I seriously don’t know. Maybe you guys know a great alternative what suits me the best. Enertions motor I like but soooo expensive and tax :frowning:

Wheels (4x €10.63) Standard cheap, but good enough wheels for me (I guess?)

Trucks (2x €23.50)

Standard, cheap and knowing that it will work with the kit

Bearings (€11.69)

again, cheap and will fit

Remote (€53.14)

I saw this one and it isn’t ugly and it looks pretty solid but I couldn’t find any reviews about it. What do you guys think? Worth it? Or maybe you have one yourself and what is your experience with it.

I think it’s a great start but there are probably a lot of rookie mistakes. I hope you guys can give me some feedback.

Thanks, Lloyd

Hi my European friend :slight_smile:!

  • Board: They don´t tell something about what flex that board has. But that doesn´t really matter if you just watch out how much weight you can put on that thing. Just keep in mind if its stiff, its easier to mount everything in one case. If its more flexible, you have to keep everything seperated in min. 2 boxes, to not crack your battery or your housings.

  • Vesc can handle every motor i think (like all of our common board motors).

  • Battery is great, from what other people tell, but keep the import taxes in mind!

  • Drive System: You choose a 63mm Motor, so pay attention that you get a 63mm motormount!

I suggest you take a look at the kit-section of Perhaps thats a bit cheaper to buy in a kit and not having import taxes from out of EU.

Allright those are some great tips. I maybe was a bit too quickly with making a topic. I will read more about everything and figure it out. I think the Space Cell is too expensive so I want to use a lipo pack. Do you recommend some or have some advice about them? I have 0 experience in batteries and connecting them so is it possible?

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No problem! Starting a topic is a good way to get some good advise from other guys with much more experience :thumbsup: Always keep in mind that in the first place products like the space cell seems much more expensive, but will last longer and gives you a few nice benefits. I went the lipo way too, but you have to expect battery failures from time to time and a bit more work with everything like charging, balancing and so on… For me its ok and and the bit more diy-stylish way :slight_smile: Just read a bit here and find the solution that works best for you :monkey: