Help with my new build?

Hey my name is Devon. I’m thinking about starting a new board build. I’m relatively new to building my own, but I have been doing loads of research. Here are the parts I’m thinking about using;

Deck --> 38″ Longboard Deck Trucks, mounts, and wheels --> 11’’ OffRoad All Terrain Truck Kit with 8’’ Pneumatic Tires Motor --> ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD MOTOR 6374 190KV Battery --> Samsung 25R 18650 2500mAh 20A Battery (12s4P) Motor pulley --> 18T HTD5 15MM MOTOR PULLEY BMS --> 12s 3.6V Lithium ion Li Polymer Battery BMS Motor controller / anti spark --> FOCBOX UNITY

Other than enclosure and things like that am I missing anything? Any comments or tips for a noob? Thanks!!!


I would make certain I REALLY wanted 8 inch. Depends where you ride, but after 7, they are bulky.

Thanks for the advise! Do you know have any experience riding with a set up like this, is it smooth, can I hit a lot of bumps and ride them out? Here is the link.

I built a 41 inch with 7 inch tires. Very smooth, very climby. It handles curbs and such well. They start getting heavy, wide and bad for roads, inless you get specialized type. There are people clamoring for a 5 inch pneumie. I have 7 and I am going 6.5 tire when these wear out.

I’m thinking about using my board on the road and sometimes on rough terrain should I go for 6.5 then?

The URBAN TREADS are from trampa, and they are good for road and offroad. SOME. They fit the rims that fit 6 to 8 inch tires. I think they are one of the best tires ever. Look god too. High pressure.

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Hi welcome to the club. :+1::metal::kissing_heart:

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How do the urban threads handle in the rain?

a LOT OF TREAD, so I presume well. They say that offroad is great traction wise.

I am kinda looking forward to wearing out my sunmates.

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what remote are you planning to use?

Oh damn haven’t even thought about that :grimacing: :neutral_face:

any ideas?

There are the thumb remotes, and the index remotes. A lot of people find index control easier (cause the course of trigger is often smaller on thumb control) but it will depend on you.

Also think about if you want telemetry (informations on remote screen), or not.

Trampa seems to have a really nice remote with many features, but is expensive. I personally use the mini remote that I find great, with AA batteries (so you can bring spare batteries, not like on a rechargeable one), not so expensive and reliable.

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I had experience with cheap ones, and not with expensive ones.

  • I used GT2B with 3d printed enclosure(at the times when there was not many remotes out there) - it was ok.
  • then nano remote (cheap one around 30 backs) - it was bad, sometimes signal was dropped,
  • then i had wii nynchak remote, but it has very bad, signal was always interrupted when there was no accelerator readings change and signal was weak overall.
  • I had to return to nano remote, but it was a bit scary.
  • Then i was suggested on this forum to use mini remote (i never liked how it looks and never considered it, but i was told that signal is strong). This was, maybe, last cheap alternative. And this remote is seriously good. Its cheap and reliable, never had issues with signal strength or drops. Still use it, maybe ill consider to change case for it to make it smaller, but ill use it. But its all cheap staff, for your board you may want to go premium - there are several options now, but i never experienced them

Honestly I don’t really care if the remote is index or thumb. I just want it to display the battery percentage and speed correctly. I have a teamgee skateboard now (sucks), and it doesn’t show the correct battery or speed :man_shrugging:

Just add a Metr to the Unity and use the app to tell you speed in your headphones. :slight_smile: This can tell you battery and more.

<-- whats this Enjoy! They are amazing!

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Can’t I connect the remote to the foxbox directly or sum? They are kinda pricey…

Yah you can. Metr is just a add on or extra.