Help with my new vescs-Throttle range

i need some help with my newly arrived vescs. firstly i have the problem that my throttle range is only one third of the remote range, im using a gt2b in a mad munkey enclosureand had absolutely no issue when using other esc before. i have tried everything i have found in this forum and cant get more than a range from about 1.5 to 1.65 pwm. and the remote ranges from 0.75 to 2.0 as read by the bldc tool. the main issue however, is that putting exactly the same configuration on bothvescs, i get a good overall response from one of them (except from the range issue) and the other one, boots up with 3 red flashes and whenever i tried braking at anything above abolute minimum speed i get an over voltage error and it reboots. only on one of them. i have both vescs 4.12 from scramboards (the yellow+heatsink design) to two sk3 236kv turnigys and powered out of a bench psu (i still didnt get connectors to wire apropiately to battery) set to 25v. but the psu gave me absolutely no issue with the other vesc any ideas???

Reduce your batt max to 25A and batt min -10A

tried. same issues:sweat:

I read that the three red b,inks is normal in bootup. no problem with that. but I still have one vesc with no braking abilty and a minimum throtle range. any other things i can try? thank you very much

Are you connecting both Vescs to the receiver with a Y connector or are you connecting the Vescs together with a can bus cable?

just testing them for now one at a time. near future, can bus I hope. I have a Y cable, schottky isolated power, though if needed.

Diode huh… can you draw up your setup (getho schematic), if you have a diode in series with the power you will have no regenerative braking since the diode will block the reverse current

no. my bad. didnt explain correctly. absolutely no diode in the power conecrtions. I meant i have a servo y wire with diodes to prevent 5v from both becs when connecting to receiver. but not using it at all. My good vesc does brake with regenerative, and the psu eats ir up. but the bad one doesnt brake at all, gives the over voltage fault blinks red and goes on again after 3 seconds. the motor doesnt brake. it spins freely.

Did you try with a battery setup? Usually power supplies do not like breaking/regen

the issue could be the gt2b mod. You should try to limit brake travel (physically) so that minimum pulsewidth is 1. The mod allows to much travel compared to stock gt2b case.

not yet. im waiting for connectors. but i will try to hook it up somehow safe tomorrow (its sleeping time in this timezone) what worries me is that the same psu, same cables and same motor breaks perfectly with one vesc and nothing at all with the other one

will also try that tomorrow. thanks

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Hooked to battery. Now i have power and regen braking on both vescs. Absolutely no idea how on Earth the same psu, wires motor and rx/tx can have regen braking on only one of 2 idéntical vescs. But good enough

Tried limiting the path of braking. Now i have minimum at 1 máximum at 2 and deadband at 0.1. but still same issue with both vescs. All throttle range IS between 1.5 and 1.65 where It Gerardo Max speed

With the range issue when you say throttle range is between 1.5 and 1.65 do you mean the motor spins to max speed or pulsewidth signal reaches 100%.