Help with new board to use on the golf course

I am looking at building a board to use on my local golf course. Reason for building my own is I don’t want to spend 5k+ on a Golf Board or Golf Skate Caddy. The course is somewhat hilly so I’m going to need something with a enough power and torque to get me up the hills and around the course. Range I’m needing per charge would be 12-17 miles and as far as speed 10-15 mph is plenty. I would like to keep the build under $1000. I am a complete novice to eboards so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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What sort of wheels u predict would be good? Ive seen that wider / bigger wheels would be better not to dig into the terrain

Can search around for various builds, but basically if you have the same diameter and length motor and a lower kv value (rpm per volt) then you typically get higher torque. Since you’re not looking for top end would basically suggest getting a relatively low kv motor. Like @Okami said too bigger wheels will work a lot better in grass and the like, you may also want to just throw some big risers (plastic/rubber between the trucks and the deck) on there to give yourself more ground clearance for the components hanging off the board.

Discussion here where the OP listed their parts and discussion below about things that are missing and what you should expect for costs. Long story short under $1000 is no problem if you spend $500 on electronics (getting mostly the good stuff) and a couple hundred on the deck and other skateboard hardware and you’ll be good. My single motor build ended up costing me around $600 if we don’t count the extra ESCs I fried waiting for the VESC.

Once you have your wheels picked out that will guide you on the pulley types available to some degree and then can choose the voltage and kv for the motor that makes sense for the speed you want

With the extra budget you could also go with a prebuilt battery with a good BMS if you don’t have a LiPo charger already and don’t want to have to deal with the larger safety considerations with LiPo packs compared with the 18650 based packs (I’ve seen them both burn but the LiPo foil packs are more sensitive to puncture than 18650 cells among other differences)

You have to use inflatable tires to not be destroying the green.

I’m looking at 8"-11" inflatable tires.

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Yeah, you’d NEVER use it on the Green. If you mean the fairway, I don’t know. My course is pretty hard on the fairway. Unless there was a recent deluge, my 97’s would fare pretty well on the cart paths as well as the fairways, without any damage. Not sure they’d allow it, but it’d be fun!

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Did you build one? I have been working on one.

I would think using something like mini tank treads would be easier on the grass and allow more traction when starting from standstill.

Probably not the cheapest way, but could be worth looking into. I’ll ask my suppliers if they have seen anything along the lines of tank treads or something similar.

I imagine you won’t need to be going 30 mph on a golf course (even though I can’t think of any other place that I would be more tempted to push top speed, still it would probably be frowned upon).

If you need a source for some extremely low KV motors, let me know. I’d be happy to help.

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t realize how old this post was. Anyways my offer still stands if anyone is interested in low kv motors, and I’ll still ask around for treads cuz i’m curious now. Hopefully the OP completed his Golf Board by now. If so, throw up some pics please. :slight_smile:

Here is pics of the beginnings.

Ordered a new custom board from subsonic. Changing out support bar from steel to carbon fiber.working on mud guards.


That board looks very similar to this one I just picked up.

VERY similar. I like the suspension on yours.

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Looks good. My suspension is not enclosed and I have dual rear motors. You also have a better remote than I do.

What kind of battery are running? VESC?

Macncheese Hey I’m looking into building one any tips to start out?

just build a trampa dude

New to this board and eboards what’s a trampa These?

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à brand. a type of mountainboard. google has the answers JPEG_20180516_102701

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I would agree build a trampa and ensure you get the right battery for length of ride.

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What I’m worried about now after further investigation is should It be 4 wheel drive? and should I use chain drive or gear drive? I think belt drive would be too flimsy. This has to scoot up hills with me 180lbs plus a bag with clubs and that is 30lbs and any additional lbs from drinks and gear. So 220lbs

belts would be a good solution for you, and dual 6374 rear drive would be pleeeenty for you and your gear. I think youre heavily underestimating the motors weve got :wink:

A trampa board isnt exactly cheap though, so DIY would probably be the solution for you… just make sure to minimize final cost by doing your research and making sure your parts are compatible