Help With new build. I have 2k for build

Hey peep, I am looking for build an electric skate board with 35mph+ and range of 30miles+. If you had 2,000 to drop on the board what components would you use and if you could build your own batteries what batteries would you use. Drop links and let the madness happen.

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  • Torqueboards new wide caliber trucks
  • 2x 6374 170kv motors
  • 2x 15mm drivetrain
  • 12s4p 30q Samsung battery
  • Bestech 12s 80A BMS
  • 2x Vesc
  • 97mm 75a flywheels

Where do you live? Hills or flats? Smooth or rough roads?

What kind of deck do you like?

(and what @TarzanHBK said)

In Los angeles and I travel from West Hollywood to Santa monica. There are some 15% grades and sometimes I hit 30% grade but thats a specific hill that I tend to walk after half way to save battery.

Dual vesc 6. And big battery, like 10s or 12s 5p+

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You are going to need a shitload of batteries.


Since your budget is pretty big, I would go with Samsung 30q cells, with a 10S5P configuration (540Wh, ~33 miles based on my previous experience with range/watt hour). You could, of course, go with 10S6Pand get more range, but at the cost of a bulkier and heavier board.

For motors, use dual 6374s, I’d go with the ones from DIY electric skateboard or similar, I’ve had SK3s fall apart on me.


How wide of a board would i need for a 5p or 6p?

also whats the mAh I am looking for?


You’re going to need to go with a 10s5p battery. Go 30q’s if possible. Also, with that size pack you are going to need clearance which means you’ll need 107mm wheels or bigger. Look for abec 11 flywheels.

18650 are tiny! they pack so much energy!

its not hard to overwhelm the motor or even the vesc with the current 18650 are capable of !

It will be a nice build!

good luck!

If you have a road board already and 2k burning a hole in your pocket why not go all terrain!

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why would they not fit laying down? I would have to stand them up?

Should be fine with 97mm wheels the evolve gtx has a massive battery pack you just need a longer board to accommodate.

If you arrange your cells in a triangular form like I did, you should have plenty of clearance under the deck. Here’s a 10S4P pack I made (which is going to get another layer of shrink wrap before going into my next build). It measures 8"x5.5"x1.4". I’m running 83mm wheels with a custom enclosure, and have plenty of clearance under the deck. If you make a 10S5P pack the same way, it should come out only 10"-11" long!


DUDE might as well go all terrain. Try this dude. or

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Yeah no brainer! Seen that blue wheeled one before,he loves to pop wheelies!!

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Trampa Urban Carver. Can accomodate a massive battery and you can switch between all terrain and street, @barajabali is using a 12S5P battery on his trampa. Look up Kalys builds for inspiration.

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Or just wait for the carvon v3’s to be released and you can switch from eurothane to pneumatic wheels like an F1 pit stop!!