Help With new build. I have 2k for build

you can do that with evolve or just about any diy as long as you have the right wheel sprockets and the board can fit tyres

Do you have a link to any pneumatic wheels that fit flywheel pulleys?

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youll want to have different pulleys for the different wheels, to keep the same speed and torque as flywheels youll need more teeth on the pneumatics pulleys, if you have an rpm of 8000, a motor pulley of 15 teeth, a flywheel pulley with 36 teeth and you put that on 200mm pneumatics your top speed will be 127km/h ish, but you wont have anywhere near enough torque to get you to even 40km/h. But anyway this is an easy conversion kit, id still recommend just getting something like these and using trampas wheels, diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torque-trampa-dual-motor-mount-kit/

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So I wonder how well the pneumatic wheels will work on the carvon v3 as there is no pulley as such with teeth just the flywheel style through the wheels built in from the motor.

ahhh, hub motors are a completely different story, by the looks of it I’m pretty sure theyre the only ones who will have pneumatics with flywheel cores, but yeah with hub motors theres very little customization you can do, can always try casting your own but building a furnace and making a mould for the wheels is tedious and will probably break your budget

Like this… hmmm have gander at these found these great 6" Aluminum alloy for regular size trucks. Check this dude out. His setup is legit for quick interchanging wheels.

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