Help with parts for EU build


I´ve owned one generic electric longboard before and now it´s time to build a new DIY one. All the parts will be bought inside EU since I live in Sweden to avoid toll and taxes.

As of right now i got all the parts from, can anyone check to see if this is the optimal for my budget? I am 200 lbs but there is incredibly flat where i will ride so that´s why I have gone for single motor. But it kinda would be nice with dual for acceleration and stuff :slight_smile:

Motor mount w/ pulleys and belt:!/eSk8-de-Motorhalterungs-SET-für-63´er-Motoren/p/56136318/category=15255001



Antispark switch:!/Vedder-SparkProtectionSwitch-mit-Sicherung-new-Version-made-by-eSk8-de-kostenloser-Versand-Free-Shipping/p/59817445/category=15255004



Mostly unsure about the battery, Li-ion or lipo. Lipo is cheaper and maybe could fit dual drive with same budget if i went with it.


You can save some money on the parts if you source them separately. For the same controller it can be found now in a lot of places cheaper. Ebay is one place or

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I would rather buy the parts from a trusted seller with warranty, but thanks for your suggestion