Help with setup

Hello everybody. Just finished building an electric board.

  • Single motor, Flipsky 6374 140kv.
  • Flipsky vesc 4.2 max continues is 50ah.
  • 2 lipo batteries of 5s, 5000mah, 30c, Getting in total 10s 5ah 30c battery.

Now I’m on VescTool. Not sure how to program the allowed max amps according to motor+battery+vesc max amps.

It’s a “one piece machine”, all the components are working together in dependency of each other.

I do not want to burn the house or the skateboard. Going fast is fine, but I don’t want to pass the allowed energy limits.

Begging for your help, Thank you very much. Have a great day!

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5000 mAh 30c means that the battery is rated for (5*30= 150) Amps if i’m correct. That rating is always a little bit exaggerated by the battery manufacturer so i would stay under that.

I would suggest starting at 30 battery amps and -10 braking amps in the vesc tool to get a feel for it, after that you can go up a bit if you want but i wouldn’t go higher than 80 as your flipsky vesc probably doesnt like it.

For motor amps, start with about 50 and adjust to preference. You can set motor breaking amps to about -25. Motor amps are usually 30% more than battery amps in my personal experience. (The reason behind that is a but complex so i wont bother explaining) ((also i can’t explain it because i don’t know it in detail lol))

Good luck!