Help with Sk3 motor

Hi guys! I have problem with sk3 245kv 6364 motor inner fan. I f***ed up those threads, because couldn’t open it even with heat applied. So I Drilled of heads of the screws.

I’ve tried to make new threads in different places of that fan, but there is only 2mm of material so screws were not holding in them: I could easy damage threads by just tigtened the screws, and there was not much pressure applied.

So I tried to glue nuts from other side of fans wall. I used glue that is strong, flexible and can stand up to 120°c. So nuts holding very tight and it will work, but my concern is that next time I’ll need to open my motor some of those nuts could get loose from twisting screws to open motor. So it could lead to problem to get open that motor.

Maybe somebody know where I can get new fan?

Or maybe just not use it in my motor, can sk3 motor be used if fan is removed?

Looks like it should work, that fan looks like don’t have any structural support for the motor.

Okay :wink: And what is the problem with your inner fan?

Sorry I clicked accidently to put my post before I had written down my problem😉

So problem now you can see in post.

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contact hobbyking for this. and if u can’t get its okay to get rid of. just a fan motor stay outside anyways

Or print one next time

@Nordle I was thinking about that, but what about heat. I have single drive, so…

If it looks likes the fan is not even needed? (your words)


A) I changed bearings, because they are rubbish and hold up only for 300km, and my belt are not tight, just as needed to not slip when breaking.

B) Glued loose windings together. Hope that glue will not react with cuprum or overheat. Will see.

C) Added mesh on those big holes on the motor.

D) Added special coatig to all components inside- windigs, magnets…2-3 layers.

E) And removed that f***ing fan away, other motors for esk8 dont have it anyway. :wink:


Looks good

Maybe i just dont get it actually :laughing: but as far as i remember the Vent is a structal part of the Motor The Fan function is not needet… TRUE … but it supports the bell isnt it ?

Love the Mesh mod Dude… very nice… :heart_eyes:

They work without the fan, i know from experience. But its fragile then, bell is only fixed on the shaft then, like on small drone motors

But isn’t R-SPEC and maytech, APS and actually any brand motor for esk8 holds together only with just help of magnets and clamp ring on the shaft ?

Many of them are, however sk3 6374 are slightly longer