Help with solid state relay switch

Hey guys, so I purchased a 100A solid state relay to use with a spdt switch to turn my board on and off.

After connecting it, there is a voltage difference (4v) over the relay when off and my switch illuminates. When I turn it on, this voltage difference is subtracted from my actual voltage so I get a lower voltage (eg 24-4 = 20v)

This is not good as my low voltage alarm goes off and my esc will throttle down as it thinks the cells are low.

How can I fix this? or is my relay borked?


Link to your SSR and a quick schematic of how you are using it?

Here is some more info in an endless-sphere thread:

Hope someone somewhere is able to help :stuck_out_tongue:

What I think is happening is that for some reason the ssr is acting as a resistor or something instead of a relay?


but based on what your a saying, sounds like your are seeing the Vgs of the fets inside the ssr (sign of lack of isolation).

You can try putting the SSR on the low of the circuit

Tried putting it on the negative but still no go. When the ssr is off I can measure 7v across it, which means that 5 are going to the load. I’m going to get a new relay, I reckon this ones borked.