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I have, but for my first go at it I have my eye on a bamboo/fiberglass longboard deck as my starting point. Plus I have never attempted to build a carbon board of any kind. Plus everything else that goes with building an e-board is already an experiment for me. So maybe next time if this goes well.

VESC isn’t as hard to set up as everyone eludes to. Windows, Mac, or Lunux; doesn’t matter what you have, it all will work. There are videos on youtube:

Edit: didn’t mean to reply to you @longhairedboy -meant for @King1017

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@longhairedboy Thanks for the PR!

So does the software already come installed on the vesc? Or is that something that needs to be bought extra?

don’t follow what lox put- it isn’t necessary… you don’t need all that confusing stuff.

Just search (on this forum) for BLDC tool. Two forum posts (one for windows, one for mac) will pop up, and you download the BLDC program for whatever operating system you are on. It is as easy as that: one program. @lox897 was linking you to something that comes pre installed on the VESC

here are just individual files for windows and mac (this is what I did- super easy step)

Thanks cmatson. I will delete post. My bad.

no worries, all part of the learning process!

Wow, this site is amazing. I was just totally spoon fed a guide to build one of these. I hope as I go I am able to contribute back to others. Thanks everyone

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everyone’s gotta start somewhere! I didn’t know of any forums like this when I build my first board a little over a year ago, but man it would’ve helped me so much. I was 15 building my first board- naturally, I ordered some wrongs things, burnt out a motor, and basically spent $200 over my budget because I was stupid, lol.

I was 12 when I started my first build and still am 12 except I’m out of spending money. Have to wait until Christmas… :pensive:

I agree with cmatson… I wish I got the Enertion R-Spec from the start so I didn’t have to dremel a flatspot on the motor and align properly.

That is a nice feature. But if you take your time and do it right it will be solid.

Yeah. I have an uncle as an engineer so that helps.

Make sure to take the motor shaft out to do the work. Metal shavings are the enemy.

I will do that. Thanks psychotiller your help is much appreciated.

One more question. I am getting ready to order parts. And now I’m wondering what the benefits would be to running a dual motor set up over a single motor. If I ran 2 motors I plan to order the space cell 2 190kv r spec motors and 2 vesc. If I run one motor I will obviously just get half that and the space cell. Would the dual set up be worth the additional cost? And why?

If you want more torque and want to be able to go up hills faster then 2 motors is the way to go. Some single motor setups burn out going up hills depending on your weight. Also you can connect your VESC together with CANBUS if you want 2 motors.

I’m sorry I don’t know what CANBUS means. Can you explain?

it means you can easily join them together.

with regards to your motor question. If you don’t have many hills around, you don’t weigh a lot and you want long range, then single motor is the go.

Here’s a guide on it: VESC FAQ | Connect two VESC via CANBUS for dual motors