Help with this ESC substitute PLEASE (Almost done with build)

I bought this esc recently: (Brushless model)

The site says to disconect postion 2 and 3. I found these two, but I can’t find position 1. I need help to make this esc run 10s

I have all the parts now, I just need to know if my setup is good

Btw, I have already disconnected parts 2 and 3 @dickyho might be able to help

I was wondering the same thing until I realized that you don’t actually have to do anything with position 1. The instructions only say to modify 2 and 3 and they never say to do anything to 1.


I thought that too, so I connected it, hoped it worked, and it did :slight_smile:

I want to buy it too but i heared that it is limited to 20mk/h… Is that true? With regular esc i got to about 30km/h

My setup: 270kv 60A sk3 motor 6s 5Ah lipo battery 14:27 gear ratio

That’s for the hub motors 21mph. Brushless is pretty good. Idk speed, but you can look: Also 270kv motors @ 3:1 ratio (Dual 270kv n5055 motors). Says he got to 39 km/h

hey i am planning to buy this esc online but i still dont understand what am i suppose to do to make it run 10s

you solder the two tabs that say 10s and desolder the other ones. If there is no 10s tab, just unsolder the 6s and 7s tabs. Alternatively, you can ask the seller to put it into 10s

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I have single 280kv motor, 14:27 gear ratio and 90mm wheel. I barely hit 20km/h What’s going on? I’m gonna get another motor, 190kv one and i hope that that helps because i heared that the esc has some sort of rpm limit

done that and beepbeepbeep

no 10s pins on this board I’m using

Hi DjamboBuksne I had the same problem as you have. I got this esc in yesterday and i went from 20 km/h to 48 km/h. I was using 97mm though, but this ESC is made for belt drive. That’s the problem with hub ESC, is that they have this RPM limit. This one doesn’t

Hello, I recently ordered something similar as well. I want to use it at 6s, the large white solder blob is bridging the 2 6s tabs I believe, but it is also covering some other components as well, will this be a problem? I’m hesitant to connect it to power.


Also, is it safe to connect just 1 motor to test if its working? My other motor is still on the way the seller shipped them separate for some reason.