Help with Trampa Board please

I have a Trampa board (spec’s below) but one side (motor or VESC6) occasionally brakes suddenly if I am coasting, or accelerating lightly (doesn’t seem to happen at higher speeds thankfully, so far…). It feels as though the brakes a suddenly being tapped for a split second and then goes back to normal, but it throws me forward a little. I’m worried that the problem will occur while riding fast. Any ideas what the problem might be?


1 x TRAMPA ELECTRIC Mountainboard - TWIN PRO Motor Mounts Electric MTB Vertigo Trucks 8 inch Superstar Wheels Ratchet Bindings - 685e PRO BLACK TWIN Motor : 15ply 35º HS11 Electric Board - FIRM : RED DAMPA’s - 80a Stiff Steering : 136kv TRAMPA Motor - All Round Performance : 14 Tooth - All Round gearing

@trampa one of your customers need help

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Check all your connections and make sure they are tight

I’ll double check the HAL sensor cables.

Thanks for for forward!

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Hi @ripcurldog, you can send us an email to get this sorted. Frank at trampaboards dot com. There are some tests you can perform to find out the issue. Forst thing to do is check the hall sensor setup. Do the detection again.