Help with trampa holy pro

Yesterday I got my order from @trampa. While putting all things together i realize that the deck is very flexy…I orderd a 16ply holy pro and thought it would be more stiff with my 85kg. Just to double check, does somebody know how thick the 16ply should be. Mine is exactly 10mm. image

One more thing I realized, the area where the truck is mounted is not cut out like advertised. Somebody know if it’s like this now and they just didn’t changed it on there homepage? image

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You might have received the hs11 deck which is now discontinued.

There are the holes in the deck. Only on the nose and tail the holes missing. So i guess it’s not a hs11.

My 15PLY is 10mm, my 16PLY is 11mm


So they sent me the wrong board :see_no_evil: Always something wrong when I order from them… Tired from it…

Thx man! By the way, your motor mounts and sprockets came yesterday! They look really sexy!!! Didn’t expect that the orange will look that nice :ok_hand:


Thanks Mate. You are building the Quad Drive in Russia isnt it? Yeah the orange is my favorite, KTM orange :laughing:

I had issues with them on my orders as well

  1. Ordered normal HS11 16ply - received 2018 electric HS11 (with groove for cables in the middle)
  2. Brought this issue up, and I decided to purchase ANOTHER HS11 16ply while I send the current electric HS11 back to UK for refund. The only reason is I don’t want to delay my build.
  3. Received the replacement, correct model but they sent me 17ply
  4. File a complaint to Ted, but they refused to admit their mistakes. Keep saying that they “upgraded” my order for free.

For me is simple, mistake is a mistake. Just admit it, and continue business.


I have a lot of missing parts in all my orders. Every single one thus far. Let’s hope my next order is better

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That’s right. Just for now only dual as aps sdidn’t sent me my 4 6374 motors yet. Waiting already 6 weeks🙈 know there was the vacation break and motors on backorder. Hope they sent before winter😅

Will contact them too today. My problem, I want to start my build now and not in the winter (even if it will be built for cruising in the snow) If I sent back the deck and after they will sent me right one it takes min 4-6weeks from Russia…

Me too, that sucks really. Every order I need to clearify something after. They already 3 times promised to sent me replacement inner tubes for the one which was already broken when received. Till now they always forgot to add to my order, even when I noticed that when I placed the order. It’s just small things but it shows the quality of there service. I don’t give anything on there words anymore. Let’s see how they will handle this problem this time…and than let’s see if i‘ll stay with trampa…they not the only producer…I like there decks and quality stuff, but like this it’s shit.

Mine also didnt come with the holes in the nose and tail, but i kind of knew it as Frank advertised it here one place. IMO it looks better without the cutouts :sweat_smile:

Their quality is second to none. Outstanding. Customer service has been fine for me but fulfillment is there issue.

Default Trampa order. And when you write to Ted, he always write in a way, so it sounds like it’s your own fault.

But i can understand why, the site is one big mess :-/

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let´s see what they will answer this time. I agree, the side need some serious structure… they have so much parts and options… I remember when I just started I had big problems to understand, what part will fit to what… now it´s ok but still a mess

I know plenty of people not understanding the site as well. And now is options for buying their complete board , without motor, motor mount, etc. Almost hitten.

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I’m not sure if there new design is better or worse. They removed all premise mountainboard and now make every board custom. Seems harder to figure out for newbies to their website.


Thickness is no indicator for the ply rating. The decks can vary a bit in thickness.

The new Holy Pro Mountain board doesn’t feature a hole in the nose for various reasons. This has something to do with future developments, compatibility and the option to mount the truck in different positions (further up or down the nose). We updated the entire line of HP decks and now offer decks specific for electric boards or non electric boards. The HS 11 is discontinued for the moment. I renamed all images today, so that the browser cash will not display old images any longer.


so this sticker which was on the board means… board number 15 :thinking: IMG_5563

ok ok. strange that the deck flex even more than my 15ply street carve I had. Guess it also because of different shape? Just try to understand what ply I really would need if I want a stiff board. For now, if I bounce in the middle of the deck with my 85kg the deck flex close to the ground. That´s how it should be with 16ply?

Regards Andy

Exactly what happened to me!