Help with upgrading build!

hey yall trying to get back into this and finish up the rebuild (since my lipo battery is on the verge of exploding).

Here are my current specs:

  • 6364 245 kv hobbyking motor
  • 6s 25c 5000 mah zippy lipo
  • torqueboards vesc
  • torqueboards motor mount
  • 36t abec kit
  • caliber trucks
  • knock off amazon flywheels
  • tupperware container
  • imax b6 charger

What I’m changing:

What do guys recommend as a suitable bms for a 6s lipo battery. Also, are there any handy guides / how hard is it?

Most people don’t do 6s. The most common and lowest is 10s.

Also, you don’t need to “bump” a thread that is an hour old.

the lowest is NOT 10s. I don’t know where you got this info from

Higher series count is your best upgrade imo. something like 10 or 12s.

I did 6s lipo for a while and it was slow, crappy range, and little power.

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do yall not see that i have a 245 kv motor?

Upgrade to 10s and change your gearing. either go lower on your motor pulley or higher on the wheel.

245Kv is highish but not unworkable

the new batteries are in no way an upgrade. just a refresh.

make sure to use the calculator

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As a cheap alternative to a BMS, you could get two battery buzzers and plug one in to each of your lipo balance leads. You can set the buzzer to start beeping when the cell voltage drops below whatever you set it to, say 3.6v. It’ll let you know when you should stop riding. Here’s an example of the buzzer:

Did I say that’s the lowest? I said the most common lowest is 10s.

Fuckin eh now we are forgetting how to read on this forum?

Itt: so much hostility

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If you announce your budget for your upgrade it will be easier to offer suggestions☺