Help with Using a Specific BMS (10s)

I am about to put together my board. I have built a 10s battery and purchased this BMS.

The leads include 11 wires. 10 to positive cells and the lone black wire is a -1? Where does this wire get connected if I want to bypass discharge of battery? Everything I’ve seen shows this getting routed back to the B- tag on the BMS, is that right?

Should I even use this BMS? As mentioned, I am using a 10s, 2p li-ion battery. Should I be wary of anything with this BMS?

Many thanks in advance.

The balance wire must be soldered exactly the same way. The black on the first negative and the rest on the 10 positives (slightly ahead) The difference for a bypass build is just the -p connection you take the positive and negative power directly from the battery ignoring the bms.

This is a bypass build:

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Thank you! I have been looking for something like this exactly. I was confused because other BMS that I’ve seen only have 10 wires, so I was a little unsure when this one arrived. Really appreciate your help.

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