Help with VESC problem, Flashing blue LED, wont connect to BLDC tool

Hello, Im just starting my first build and just got most of my parts yesterday. While configuring my VESC i hooked it up to my two 10S2P li-ion battery packs in parallel (Which i know is properly wired and connected, no problem there). However, the VESC I just got yesterday from does something really weird. Most of the time when i plug my anti-spark xt90 in to connect the power, the VESC will boot as normal with 3 flashing red lights and then solid blue. If im quick, i can connect to it in the BLDC tool. However, after 4-10 seconds, the LEDs will shut off and the VESC will disconnect from my computer ( I can tell because of the windows “disconnected device” sound). The Blue LED then shines bright, and starts flashing, starting out slowly and then going faster and faster until its flashing but looks almost solid because of how fast its going. The red LED is dim and the green LED is even dimmer. At this point, i can NOT connect to it as it is not recognized in the BLDC tool because it disconnected itself despite being plugged into the USB. I dont really know what to do at this point. I tried multiple cables, multiple computers, reinstalling drivers, etc. I talked to support at diyelectricskateboard basically all day today because they are very slow at responding and they set up an RMA for me because they think its a driver problem and that i dont know what im doing on a computer. Any help would be appreciated, i can post pictures if need be. I would just like to get this fixed instead of having to send it back in and them tell me im going to have to pay for a new one. Thanks in advance, sorry if this is too newbish of a post.

Hi there,

I’m having this issue too. How did you resolve it in the end?

Were you able to resolve? I’m facing the same issue.