Help with VESC settings for E-MTB

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently built myself an electric mountain board and I’m looking for some help with settings. After frying a couple of VESCs (didn’t like either FOC mode, 12S or both) I’m a bit dubious to fiddle much more before asking! Current setup:

  • Keda 6356 190kv motor (2000w rated) X 2
  • 15 tooth motor pulleys (15mm wide belts)
  • 72 tooth wheel pulleys
  • 10S 10Ah 10C LiPo
  • Turnigy Sk8 ESC (VESC 4.12) X 2

Current settings:

  • BLDC mode
  • motor 60A
  • battery 50A
  • regen 10A
  • Startup 0.012

Currently done about 15 miles on it and it’s amazing fun. I just feel it needs a bit more grunt for pulling away and grassy inclines. I will add cooling to the VESCs soon as I’ve noticed the temp cutout once or twice. Any tips / thoughts? Also is there a way to auto brake on Rx loss? My Transmitter ran out of battery when I was going down a hill, that was scary… 20180620_211952 20180607_222432