Help with wiring and loopkey (first post but learned lots here)

Don’t make a dual loopkey. If it’s a 40A battery, that’s well within the limits of an XT90 and 12AWG silicone-insulated finely-stranded tinned copper wire. (Sometimes called “superworm”)

If you can solder then run both 14AWG red wires into a 12AWG red wire and then through a loopkey. Then you can split back into two 14AWG wires if you want to.

Only work on one polarity at a time and tape the end of ALL wires you aren’t CURRENTLY soldering. Remember, you can’t turn off a battery while you are working on it.


The battery has two charge ports. Im not sure if this means its a double battery or just has two ways to charge. I only say to make one to avoid confusion. Originally, this was the idea i had in mind.

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The label doesn’t indicate it’s two batteries, just one 14S battery.

Just use one of the charge ports.

Also you cannot use any normal esk8 60V ESC for this. You need a 75V ESC.

What is the model number of these?


@b264 Yes yes I understood my battery was not compatible with 12s, and i wasnt risking it on anything rated 14s (was shooting for at least 15s for safety) I was already looking at high voltage vesc’s but as i am currently on a very tight budget, i ordered the esc’s for generic “brand name” prebuilts like mine. They should at least allow me to use higher gears with less of an issue and have more wires for accessories.

Also i am currently about to start work on the loopkey for this thing. I can provide any photos for anyone curious or willing to help. Here’s what I’m working with….

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These are the oroginal replacements i put in which were rated 25 amps 52v just like the originals, but these were smaller, had no connections for lights Same manufacturer too if I’m not mistaken.

Old ones are inside and im chairlocked at the moment. These are the ones I’m waiting for to arrive (The photo specs aren’t for mine since i had to select from a dropdown menu but that’s essentially what they are)

Holy sheeit why am i so nervous about cutting a battery wire I’m such baby

Lol cutting a battery wire has to be cut one at a time. You don’t want them to be touching.

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Of course but I tend to overlook minor yet dire details.
I’m trying to make a new diagram but i have work in the morning and I’m slow at everything

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Update when you get the chance. Gn.

Make sure when you solder the XT90 you plug the male and female together, so if/when they get melty, the pins stay aligned straight.

Because it can literally burn your house down if you screw up

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Can you help me with a diagram bc this is not my expertise and i keep going in circles. Like I think i know what to do but it’s hard for me to draw out. Have a form of severe autism

Use an xt90 female plugged into the male while you solder the wires. It will hold the 2 male pins from moving while heated.


That’s not the right diagram for your battery but I hope you can use it as a starting point or look in that other thread


If you make a diagram we can tell you if it will work or not.

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I cant solder sht without helping hands. UGH i h8 my life so much this garbage never ends

I actually have wasted all this time and still dont have one. Going to bed gotta clean up all this sht again

Im sorry i have no idea what this means

Its a bit difficult, but its the similar drawing that was done before. Just a more schematics view of it.

Cheer up little buddy. It gets much worse.


Soldering takes practice. And everything EV related takes time to absorb.