Help with wiring and where to put my xt90 anti spark connector

image is this wiring set up correct? Also I want to replace the stupid black connection. Will bullet connectors be ok? And I’m new to electronic building do all my wire sizes need to be the same? I have a couple different size wires and want everything to be ok when I go to connect it all. Thanks and appreciate any help.

I cant really see all the wiring, or which part you are worried about. Posting diagram would be helpfull for you and us so we can understand whats going on more clearly. Which black connection? Wire sizes dont need to be the same, depending on their location. In the parts you pull more current you want bigger wires. (The biggest ones are from batteries). I dont see the reason to get more wire sizes, its generally cheaper to buy few meters of red and black, and just use that. Depending on electronics, and current you will be supplying, you can calculate wire AWG. 10AWG is around 50amps, continuously which should be more than enough.

Just to be clear, if you plug that together right now it’s going to short and burn.


Hard to tell what is going on from the photo… are you running positive and negative through your loop key?

As @brenternet if you plug it in right now there´s gonna be a big firework/fire.


Don’t do like that !!! Please post a picture how that part you posted is integrated in your hole build. If red is plus and black minus of your battery you just short your battery and burn down everything! A loop key should bridge the positive or the negative wire from your battery to the esc. Don’t use bullet connectors. Get a xt90 plug, male site and solder the wires on there.


I wasn’t thinking by running both through the loop key was late for work when taking the picture haha. Can anyone help me in the right direction from this picture and please tell me if it’s wrong?I’m so close to getting it going again and I don’t want to fry my new focbox. Thanks again image

I bookmarked this some time ago. Not my work. Should look like this. Hope this helps d1c60a7e8d2f6840cfb7ee963d972c764e561a1f_1_690x388 281f15aac97fb13aeb4ad8bd7d1a764e28b82ade_1_690x388


Thank you! This is much appreciated and can’t tell you how glad I am that you saved this. I think I will do the same by saving this and give it a try.


Sure thing dude. Im new to this too. I Try to save everything that looks useful.


is the xt60 connectors doubled where the wires split to the battery and vesc?

Two for vesc One for battery

Probably a dumb question but The other connector doesn’t go to anything right?

What other? Hard to follow in text

It goes to the second esc. If we’re thinking of the same connector

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Yeah, the second connector doesn’t go to anything. You don’t need to make the second connector, as that is for dual Vesc. Since you only have one Vesc, you only need one connector

Thanks guys that’s what I ment I hope to have it completed later tonight. What’s the correct way to turn the board on once it’s all completed? Plug the switch in first? Or turn on then plug your then plug in the xt 90 connector?

image is this the correct wiring before I plug it all in?

Yes but make sure to insulate those exposed soldering points.

You can use liquid electrical tape

Thanks it was my first time and new to soldering I will definitely do that or make another cleaner looking version. Just wanted to be absolutely sure it was done correctly minus me forgetting heat shrink. Thanks for the input and help.