Helpful 18650 ( Filtering Tool

I don’t know about you but when looking for my 18650s I found Nkon’s website to be a real pain in the arse to filter out which batteries were the best or which ones met my needs.

Because of this, I’ve created a little handy filtering tool on my website that lets you see all of their 18650 products and enables you to filter the results down to meet your criteria. You’re viewing exactly the same results as on their site as it gets it’s data live, but you’re just able to filter it. Any clicks on the products will take you directly to their secure site.

You can also enter your pack specifications such as 8s4p, and it will give you a total cost (without bulk discount) for your whole pack in order to gauge roughly how much your pack will cost.

Hope this helps… let me know what you guys think? Try it here:


Awesome! 2 suggestions: take bulk discount into account and filter ranges. Had to click 15 times to select everything from 2Ah and up :slight_smile:

Hmmm yeah I see what you mean with the clicking…

I thought about taking the multi-buy discounts in to account, but that would mean another call on their site for each product to get that information… Although… it’s not all of them that they give a multi-buy discount so I guess I won’t be making a call for every single one… Just don’t want them to get arsey about me hammering their site to scrape it :confused:

Yeah, for getting a discounted price you would have to do a request for each one. Probably for the best not to do that, indeed.

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I think I will do it actually! lol

You could always cache the data for a day or whatever it’s not like we’re looking at stock prices here :slight_smile: That way it will probably go unnoticed as well.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing, storing for 24 hrs.

My only worry is that they do actually update their site very often so I worry about being out of date some of the time :confused:

Yeah could always go like every half a day then or even every 6 hrs but probably best if you don’t hit it for every person that loads your page there.

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See if they support ETag, Last-Modified, If-Modified-Since HTTP headers. That way you don’t have to reload the page if it has not changed since last cache update.

Not a bad idea. I’ll check… cheers :thumbsup:

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Havent tried your tool yet but im glad someone has made it and it didnt take that much time either right?

I assume you could somehow sell it off to them since they busy not being able to make one on their own ha, so that others who might not be esk8 related, get to use it too

It didn’t take that long no, just two evenings.

Yeah I’ll have to see if I call sell them my code! Lol

Not sure if the NKON website has some additional filtering or something but if I filter for LG using your filtering tool I will get 8 results. If I click on the battery it opens up website but with error:

On the I get 0 (zero) LG batteries.

That’s odd! I get the correct page come up for all of these…

In that case it is probably doing geo-location filtering.

You might be right, I’m not sure though because I just used a proxy to be in Turkey and it came up with all 8 of them…

What country are you from and I’ll try it…

Clicking on the link you provided opens up this webpage:

Currently in Croatia but if I recall correctly I haven’t seen LG batteries from Slovenia either.

That’s really weird. Why wouldn’t they ship them to you?

I can’t change it to Croatia or Slovenia unfortunately, why don’t you see if you can use a proxy and pretend you’re in the states or the UK to see if that’s the case? Perhaps someone could purchase and send them on to you?

Currently, it is not a problem with purchasing as I’m still deciding on the cells I’m going to use. Was just reporting oddity when using your filter tool.

With France VPN I can see all LG cells on their website so it definitely is geo-location block.

Wow, I really didn’t think they’d have the know-how to do that… they suck at their product search/filter section! lol