Helping choosing most suitable electronics for my requirements

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking for a while and read quite a bit but still struggling to make sense of the electronics side of my e-build. Parts I currently have:

  • Caliber II 50 trucks
  • Caliber motor mount
  • 41" longboard deck
  • Abec clone wheels (83mm)

I’ve now need to focus on the electronics / gearing side of things. Could some assist with me the following requirements?:

  • I weigh 100kg
  • Want to run single motor with ability to climb 25% hills
  • Top speed not too important, a max of around 20mph would be nice
  • 10 mile battery radius would be ideal
  • Ability to ‘plug into the board’ to charge would be good

With me being quite a large guy (6ft 4") I’m not sure if this is possible? Could someone point me in the direction of what electronics / battery / gearing I would need to achieve the above?

Ideally would like an easy solution for the battery’s rather than having to ‘build my own’ as I’ve seen others do. I’m based in the UK but willing to buy from abroad.

Any help in advance would be much appreciated.

Bump for any help to point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

I would suggest going with Focbox, at least 10s4p 30q battery, 15or16/40or44T gearing, 15mm htd5m belts, and at least 6374 motor. The :battery: is big because you need enough oomph (amps) for your weight and it will give you more range

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Check these EU stores

i agree and take whatever battery you think you need and add another “P” to it…trust me its worth it

Hey bro, I’m from Sydney Australia and 6’5" and this is what I’m in the process of building:

In theory, it should have about 25 kms of range and should get me to about 35kmh (ish) Hope this helps :blush:

Thank you all for your responses, super helpful and has pointed me in the right direction