HELPPPP! The problem is the Esc or the motor?

There is a video of what is happening: Idk what Im doing wrong, please if u could see and share ur experience would help me a lot

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Ask the reseller of that esc for support. It can’t be properly diagnosed beyond the obvious, because that thing can’t be configured and does not output fault codes.

Not much you can screw up with wiring there either. My guess is faulty esc or remote issues (resync remote). If it was a motor issue, at least one of the two would turn properly. Unlikely both are broken.

Ask for a refund if it’s broken and get a decent vesc type esc.

Thank you! I think that ESC is not doing a good job sometimes the motor works well both of them start working then they suddenly stop. I will have probably to buy another VESC. Thank you

Get a dual flipsky FSESC 6.6. What you are using now is one of the cheapest escs available and by today’s standards one of the worst.

Is there any Vesc that you recommend for me? That works for dual motors? Thanks

Thank you!

More expensive alternatives: dual focbox with @Kug3lis alu case, focbox unity or if you want to go crazy the trampa vesc 6.

Thank you! Those are crazy expensive! I’m going to have to work hard! haha

dual maytech vesc or flipsky vescs work fine. don’t set too high values for it though