Here’s that Contest! Design and WIN sponsored by Shredlights! Bragging rights too!

Win a set of SHREDLIGHTS!

Someone wanted me to bring back contests! So here I am bringing you the first of many I have planned!

Basically the most likes :heart: wins!

ENDS 11/26 at 11:59pm PST —

Design an Electric Skateboard with links to the parts, they don’t need to be in stock but can’t be discontinued items. AND a PRICE LIST for the parts in any Currency. Mix and match different brands to created a unique ride. Describe the board. Provide drawings if possible. These could be someone’s inspiration.

The winner will be decided by how many likes a post has. So, it’s your peers. You all pick the winner.

Please post only one design per person.

Thank you to all that participate. A huge thank you to Eric at Shredlights for always supporting the DIY community.



@GrecoMan… not sure if he edited his post?

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yea he did lol, lemme delete that comment

Well I had written something and then because of my fat fingers, I accidentally deleted two paragraphs…

Sorry for the confusion


don’t close it lol…

ive got something in the works :yum:

rendering one of my images as we speak…

do I win by default if no one else posts anything?

Did u win?

nah the competition just started. I hopefully will win though

#everyone that votes for me gets a cookie!

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Deck: Custom 36x9.5 8 Ply Canadian Maple - $100 Trucks: Paris V2 195mm - $50 Wheels: Abec 11 Flyhweels 97mm - - $109 Mounts: Custom Paris Mounts - - $75 Motors: Dual Diag 170kv fromAPS - - $206 Batteries: Custom 106p 18ah 30q W/BMS - $400 Enclosure: Integrated into the board ESC: Dual Ollin ESC V2 w/split ppm - - $640 Total Price - $1580 Did I miss something?


Why not FOCBox and spend half the price?

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Because of how nice @chaka is. Hes given me free stuff before and hes an all around nice guy. His also have a really nice warranty Also, they (IMO) look better than the focboxes with the alu case

edit: hes also a really good history teacher :wink:


So sick @GrecoMan

106p? damnnnn

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Just post your 4wd and be done with it

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I already have shred lights on all my street builds so Ill support @GrecoMan lol. If only his design was hubs he wouldnt have to run that drop through deck as a top mount :wink:.

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@BigBoyToys admit it…You’re in Hawaii… and you can’t be bothered right now hahah.

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@Michaelinvegas True, but also @GrecoMan renders are to good for my stick figiure like drawings to compare lol.

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Renders-Smenders … put urs on a cocktail napkin, I bet its up there… what’s more important is what components you use, how you use them based on the ride you want to create.

The pictures were meant to help visualize the parts list as a complete board. We know looks mean shit. It’s all about the ride.

Post up punk. Don’t lay down to @GrecoMan.

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little do you guys know…

#that was just a teaser

i had to get permission from someone to use their designs first