Hey guys, a couple of noob questions for my first e-board

I’ll start off by telling you the main parts I am planning on using

Motor: Turnigy 5055-280KV Brushless motor ESC: X-car Beast series ESC 120A Batteries: 2x Turnigy 5000mah 3S 20C lipo pack EDIT : Should I upgrade to a 236KV motor?

1- Will all these parts work together? 2- If the motor specs say “Voltage: 10S Lipoly” does that mean I need a 10s battery system? 3-In the X-Car beast series ESC’s is that switch to turn on/off the whole system or just the ESC? 4-How do the brakes work on the ESC

1 yes but you are still missing parts 2 No that only What most effocient 3 not 100% but Thats momentary on off you need a real circuit breaker 4 no comment just get a vesc

What vesc should I get since I am on a budget?

If your on a budget the Xcar is great. I use it on my penny board and it works great the only downside is the screeching brakes but I don’t use them much anyway. The little power switch is just for the esc but I use that to turn my board on and off. I do recommend getting an antispark plug tho from hobby kind for a few dollars. Oh and if you get the Xcar esc make sure to get the programming card too

  1. Yes they will.
  2. Up to 10s voltage is accaptable for the motors but your ESC will only handle 6s.
  3. Turns off the esc. You should also use a loopkey because those esc switches fail.
  4. Not that good compared to vesc setups.
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What is the need of the programme card?

So that you can change the brake setting and the start up acceleration so it is smooth. You may also want to change the low voltage cut off

The motor can take 10s but it will still work with 6s. Only. The esc will work. Not having the programming card is ok but having it will make ur board much better. You should get a Xt90s anti spark loop key. The loop key is to make sure everything is off when you put ur board in storage. If the off on switch fail on the esc the system might over drain ur batteries n distory it or even worst cause a fire. 6s 5000mah is good but I am concerned about the 20c rating. Maybe battery experts here can help you with c rating needed for your hookup.

Actually he will need the programming card otherwise it will only go half of its max speed. That’s what happened to mine

Why is 20C to much or to little I think i calculated it to be 200A output but idk if I did that right (10,000x20÷1000=200 is what I done)

I have had the FVT 120A and I have always loved using it, I heard the Xcar is around the same as the FVT so in my opinion it was a good esc. I recently got the ebay esc and it’s really very good for it’s price (40€) I should stay with the 280kV motor, one of the best and efficient 50mm motors I think.

ok cool thanks I am planning on using a 15T-30T pulley ratio