Hey! Has anyone tried this remote controller?

Hey! I’m just wondering if anyone has tried or are currently using this remote for their esk8 build. Would love to hear some feedback! Thinking about buying this one, but i’ve heard that some people has said that it has connectivity issues, and the board can drive away without stopping. Or is that just propaganda?

Thanks in advance, VAEsk8.

Many. And many (most) had issues, some had none (me included). I always say it is about the reciver position, deck materials and thickness. But not really recommended remote. If you still want one, you can get it on Banggood, cheaper.

There is also v2 version, which is better but not without faults.

I think the one you linked is the winning v1. The winning v2 remote seems to be more reliable. Try looking for a similar looking remote with the switch for speed modes below the throttle.

Benchwheel remote is similar to this and much better :slight_smile: But it is a bit larger…Or you can go for enertion remote…

There was a thread about Nano remote, its failures and how to prevent them…If you really want this remote you should check it out :slight_smile: It was this one if i remember correctly :slight_smile: