Hey, it worked!

I thought this might be helpful for anyone wanting to DIY vacuum form their own enclosure.


Wow, that’s incredible! First try too, well done! I couldn’t hear it in the video, what plastic material are you using?

Nice work! did the heating of the plastic leave any residual smell in your oven?

Thank you! I bought this plastic off ebay. It’s ABS, 1/8" thick, textured on one side.

Not in my oven. Smelled up the kitchen for about an hour though. I open all the windows and had a fan going to move the air out. I’ve heard that if you get any of that plastic in your oven, then it pretty much ruins it (not sure if this is true). That’s why I put that cooking sheet down, so if any of the plastic melted off, it wouldn’t be stuck in the oven.

how much did it cost you?

The wood for the vacuum table was free scrap wood. The aluminum angle and ABS plastic probably cost me around $40? I don’t really remember. Sorry. I’d look on eBay and Amazon for deals. The price will change depending on the size of the enclosure you want to build. I’m working on another video to show how I fit the enclosure to my board. Thanks for watching!


I’m working on making enclosure, I’m just not sure which method to take. I found plastic factory near me so Thinking about vacuum form or glss fber Thank you for showing awesome video.

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