Hey problem with bms

Hey i have a besttech bms for 10s. I used it a while but lately is getting really hot when im charging it and i dont understand why. I opened and the black radiators on top are getting hot. Any idea why ? i dont have a multimeter next to me to check the battery but could it be that the batteries are not balanced anymore ?


I have been having heat issues with my 12s bestech d140 getting really hot as well

Well i still have no idea what is wrong with mine. It was working for 7 months or so…

Did you have problems before

Nope started from the beginning

How long has it been charging ? And how hot it got? Is normal to heat up. I mean if you can keep your hand on it then is not a problem.

Mine got really hot and got my enclosure hot too. I assume i have some bad batteries in pack but no way to check right now.

Mine got really hot to the touch. Sent it to an expert on the forum to check out my wiring and my pack to see if it’s maybe just a faulty bms