Hi guys, I just launched my indiegogo campaign for my own electric longboard company FrankBoard

Hello Everyone!

I have been working on this for years now, and I have finally launched my indiegogo campaign today for FrankBoard! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/frankboard-immense-power-carbon-fiber-boards/x/18514819#/

Carbon fiber longboards, massive LiPos, huge power, midrange price! Check out the video to see where we are now, and what the plans are for the future!

If you have any questions about the project, ask away!

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As far I remember Samsung doesn’t make lipos and IP54 is not dust and water resistant


  • Protected from limited dust ingress
  • Protected from water spray from any direction, limited ingress protection

Also the whole campaign looks suspicious not a single real picture apart video. No idea what kind of remote, ESC or other stuff.

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You should definitely take @Kug3lis comments positively even though the come across super raw :smiley:


If possible I would go into 3ds max or fusion 360 and remake your drawings, I know you probably dont have actual prototypes but photorealistic renders help a lot.

also in the vid (which is good) show some specs. its just a youtube vid at the moment, not a advertisement of the product.


lol woops


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Just going to leave it in there lol :smiley:

5 SECONDS TO LATE!!! was going to use the same pic and all


Exatcly… :upside_down_face:

IP54 is for the whole longboard, not the individual LiPo cells though… Samsung made the cells, I designed the enclosure for them, which is waterproof and dustproof :slight_smile: I have explained in the campaign, the current board, the one we used for the video is a prototype for the Cruiser model, it is not the final deck design, that is why there are no close-up pictures of it. The final version will look like the illustrations on the site, but we need the funding to make those happen, as making carbon fiber molds does not come cheap. All of the other parts are the final on the prototype board as well. Also, ESC and internal electronics might concern you, and the builder community, but it is not what interests the everyday people, who are the main demographic for buying such an item. It is also bad marketing to reveal all of your parts by name and make, that’s basically asking to have your product stolen

Anyone actually seen Community? World class tv show (first few seasons anyway)

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if you read to the end of the description, you will see that there are different goals for different amounts of funding. There are 3 models being planned, but depending on funding there might be fewer in the end. You can see how that is lower in the texts

Samsung doesnt make LiPo cells. There arent any single real life picture, and you want to keep money if it fails… Maybe I should too create a campaign for some hover board with real hover engines :smiley:


From one guy who has done successful kick starters ill give you some advice.

Dont use what look like bad Photoshop pictures as your product description - again, use realistic renders if you dont have something physical. Its easy to do and its free.

the other important thing to do is to lie. just make some prototypes that look like the final thing - it could be made of plywood painted black. but those prototypes will sell a lot more than the pictures.

also dont use indigogo. its absolute dogshit. use kickstarter and dont take peoples money unless its successful


OMG! Dude you are brave to come here with … that. @CsabyTech


the extended seasons on yahoo was unwatchable tho.

but anything with danny glover + abed was fucking gold, and when dan harmon was still running it.

i think the spirit of these “flexble” funding campaigns is the promise the product will be delivered even if it doesn’t reach the total funding goals. but so often than not, they just run with the money.

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Do I need to sign up to view it?Screenshot_20180921-235248

It was taken down :smiley: Pretty quickly :smiley:

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its still up for me @Kug3lis

Kickstarter won’t allow you to have a campaign unless you live in the US (needs US bank account) and I live in the EU, so it’s simply not an option :confused: and as I have said, it’s not about taking money if it fails, there are different goals for different funding levels. the goal set is just the goal to achieve every aspect of the project, you can see that the first goals for the standart model production are actually a lot lower, and at that point people will get what they payed for, it’s not ripping off. I’m not trying to scam anyone.