Hi guys, I just launched my indiegogo campaign for my own electric longboard company FrankBoard

Oh right its up now

Name police has arrived :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/the-frankenboard-loaded-vanguard-dual-6355-dual-focbox-8s-10000mah-orangatang-kegels/20510/76?u=fraannk


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Kickstarter won’t allow you to have a campaign unless you live in the US

Thats not true. I live in the Uk and have been able to use it.

I don’t know but this says otherwise

that says that if the campaign doesn’t reach the 60 000 $ goal, it still won’t refund the entire campaign, and production can still begin for the models that actually did get enough funding. You really can read these goals on the bottom of that page


Dude. kickstarter take NONE of your cash if it isnt successful. its risk-less which is why it works.

You either succeed at which point you get all the cash minus %5 kickstarter fee, and %5 SWIFT fee. or you fail and get nothing bus isnt charged anything at all

you need to have a US bank account, at least that was part of the conditions when the campaign construction began.

image This line says otherwise

I believe you, when I began this process I was unable to make it there, they might have updated their policies since then. The campaign has been in production for months now

please don’t take criticisms here too harshly. it’s just we’ve all witnessed numerous campaigns over promising come and go many times over.

and the boards people are building here frankly makes your boards look nothing out of the ordinary. but for a user in a consumer market, it would probably be impressive.

i’d love to see a source of your samsung lipos, i’ve never heard of such a thing.

your stated range of 31 miles from a 450Whr pack is rather aggressive, that’s about 15Wh a mile. totally possible but rarely the case.

if your campaign does go off, will you only sell completes or offer parts for the diy market?


you want how much for this thing?

that is an older project that grew into this one, it doesn’t have ANY of the same materials. that was my first board ever built :wink:

Im not going to lie. and I dont like taking a shit on people as we are all here to be civil and help people to grow.
But what your saying doesn’t make much sense - its easy to question your legitimacy at this stage.

It also doesn’t help that My KS was half a year ago, and barely anything has changed.

Things are looking janky at the moment. I heavily suggest taking other peoples advice and restart the campaign with all the advice taken on-board.

I knew I wouldn’t be having an easy time when I posted this, but that’s part of why I’m here. I know it’s not the best board that is possible to build, but you have to keep in mind reliability, serviceability, mass production capabilities, etc etc etc… There will be some parts for it that will be sold separately as well, belts, wheels, remotes, chargers, bearings…

yup, agreed. i don’t think it’s necessary to have the most maxed out boards. like you said, i’d put reliability, ease of use, aesthetics, etc above outright performance.

good luck with the campaign, doubt you’ll get much traction here but blast it on the socials, get it out there.

thanks a lot! well, this is a DIY forum, people here will always be more critical than the average costumer.

If that the quality in production board… Oh well also those cells will not be able provide enough power for your 5kW board… Those cell has maximum 65A and its not Samsung cells

the cells in my previous posts were a random chinese brand, that I used for a previous board for my own entertainment, it is NOT what is in the current prototype, and it is not what will be used in the final product,

But again Samsung doesn’t make LiPo cells…

EDIT: if you not buying 1M MOQ custom order cells for laptops and etc :wink: