Hi5ber Zenith Carbon Fiber Deck Mint Condition (CAN/US)

I have a Hi5ber Zenith deck for sale that has been used once. It includes griptape installed on the board as seen in the pictures. Paid $230 USD, asking $170 USD OBO. Can ship to either the US or Canada without any duties.

Link to the board on Hi5ber’s website: https://www.hi5ber.com/zenith

Let me know if you’re interested!


Why No Bueno bro? Their decks look sweet AF

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@Cobber oh yeah it is a beauty man.

I’m thinking of getting something made by Loaded instead for more flex. Carbon fibre would be great for high speed, but I’ve never ridden an electric or push board before and I think something more forgiving would be easier to learn on. I’m just starting out so I’m not even sure what I want haha.

If this doesn’t sell I’ll definitely electrify it. Honestly I haven’t even tried this board other than standing on the deck, since I don’t know how to skate :frowning: It looks great though

Is the area with the writing on the back flat from front to back or concave?

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I don’t even need a deck and I’m thinking… :heart_eyes: mmm… should I have a crack at it :joy:

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@scepterr it has a slight concave side to side. It’s consistent front to back though

@Cobber hahaha let me know. I don’t even know what I’m doing here lol. Might be fine with this deck. Just thought I’m too much of a beginner for CF

@scepterr Here’s a pic of it laying flat. Not 100% sure if I answered your question correctly. It has a 0.625" concave side to side

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Man I’m soooo tempted

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Let me know guys! I’d love to see it used in a cool build

Fine I’ll take it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sweet! Done!!!